The Certificate is awarded by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and is administered by the Center for Comparative Media. It is open to all Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences and offers those students a training in the comparative analysis of the theory and history of media. It requires 20 points of coursework which must be fulfilled along with the PhD requirements of the candidate’s home department. (Relevant courses may be double-counted toward the Certificate and the PhD.) Candidates for the Certificate must declare their interest within the first two years of their GSAS career by submitting to the CCM directors a four-page proposal of their research interests that explains the comparative dimension of their work. In addition, students have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The required course "Introduction to Comparative Media" (4 points; must be taken for a letter grade). 
  • At least four other designated courses (minimum 16 points). (An updated list of these courses can be found on the website.) Eight points must be taken for a letter grade. At least three of these courses must be outside of the student's home department or in subjects that address geographic areas and/or historical periods outside of the student’s primary field of research. This list must be submitted along with the proposal and be approved by the CCM directors.
  • Dissertation colloquium: Comparative Media Workshop. This is a dissertation writing workshop in which CCM students present their work in progress.

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