Extractive Media: Stephanie O'Rourke, John Martin: How to Scale a Volcano

Stephanie O'Rourke, Senior Lecturer, University of St. Andrews

Response by Meredith Gamer, Assistant Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University

Center for the Study of Social Difference

934 Schermerhorn Hall

We will discuss Professor Stephanie O'Rourke's paper "John Martin: How to Scale a Volcano," which seeks to address the question: To what extent did landscape supply a kind of pictorial infrastructure for managing the more dangerous circulations of industrial extraction in early 19th-century Britain?

Stephanie O’Rourke is a senior lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews. Her current book Picturing Landscape in an Age of Extraction 1780-1850 will be published in 2025 by the University of Chicago Press. Her first book, Art, Science, and the Body in Early Romanticism (Cambridge UP 2021) was awarded the British Association for Romantic Studies book prize and was supported by fellowships including from the Leverhulme Trust and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. She completed her PhD in art history at Columbia University and holds a BA from Harvard University.

This event is part of the project "Extractive Media: Infrastructures & Aesthetics of Depletion", co-directed by CCM faculty Debashree Mukherjee and Zeynep Çelik Alexander at the Center for the Study of Social Difference.

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